Overboard (1987): Guilty as Pleasured

Review No. : 0003
Title : Overboard
Year : 1987
Director : Garry Marshall
Country : United States
World’s Verdict : Rotten Tomatoes – 50%; IMDB – 6.7 out of 10.0
My Verdict : 3.1 out of 5.0

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Kurt Russell as the carpenter and Goldie Hawn as the rich spoiled woman.

“The world knows that closets are made of cedar!
Cedar wood but never an oak!”
Said the woman who is never broke
To the carpenter who wants to knead her.

She throws his tools to the sea!
She throws him, too! A wet carpenter bee.
Without his saw and hammers,
He goes home to his four little scammers.

O-Rating 0003

Destiny reverses the fate of the woman;
She lost her memory when she fell in the ocean.
Destiny reverses the fate of the man;
He makes a wife out of the senile woman.

The carpenter and his bees sting the crazy lady
Making her the working queen of a shabby little beehive.
But the scammers soon loved her as their mommy
Not knowing that soon the truth is about to arrive.

D-Rating 0003

It’s a sugar-coated story of vengeance
Covered with funny stupidity and hilarity.
Though, no one can deny that the characters have brilliance
In portraying the story of a deceitful and witty family!

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