Oldboy (2003): A Disturbing Story Of Vengeance

Review No. : 0004
Title : Oldboy
Year : 2003
Director : Park Chan-Wook
Country : South Korea
World’s Verdict : Rotten Tomatoes – 80%; IMDB – 8.4 out of 10.0; 2004 Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix Winner
My Verdict : 3.2 out of 5.0

Yoo Ji-Tae, Kang Hye-jung
Left: Kang Hye-jung as Mido, embracing the protagonist played by Choi Min-sik. Right: Yoo Ji-Tae as the villain in Oldboy.

A Letter to the Oldboys

How hard it is to be a captive,
Blinded and never understanding the reason,
Deafened and never knowing your crime,
Not even the lie of false accusation.

And when you are freed,
The world becomes an open jail,
But life continues to bleed
As you look for an answer and a trail.

Oh! You’ve lost so many years!
You set to find the one who was once yours.
Oh! You’ve had so many tears!
But you can’t find her because all are closed doors.

And then you found someone to love,
Someone who is willing to help you make everything right.
While your unknown captor plays his strings from above
Your every move becomes his vengeance of spite.

Oldboy (2003) Film Rating
The strength of Oldboy is its unique and heartbreaking story. The direction needs to be improved, it has a feel of soap opera and incredibility.

Vengeance is just like patience,
It is bitter but the fruit is sweet.
So he laid his plans with slow cadence,
Knowing that you can never compete.

And then you found your love,
To help you find the one that once was yours.
But he, revenge, captures your love
And what was once yours, he painfully restores.

He restores the memory,
He destroys the past,
He tears down the present,
He dismantles the future,
All that is left is the pain of memory.

Oldboy (2003) Direction Movie Rating
One of the failures of Oldboy is the impossible and lazy action sequences. The type wherein punches thrown do not land and is compensated by lousy sound effects.

A man’s form of justice, that is vengeance;
It is bitter and the fruit is never sweet,
Or perhaps, but satisfaction will soon deplete.
Careful, it is always followed by death or penance.

How hard it is to forgive;
Blind to not understand the other’s reason;
Deaf to not hear the innocence of the crime;
How easy it is to judge with no plan of absolution.

Quote from Oldboy (2003)

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