The Conformist (1970): Why Do You Ask What Is Normal?

Review No. : 0008
Title : The Conformist (Il Conformista)
Year : 1970
Director : Bernardo Bertolucci
Country : Italy, France, West Germany
World’s Verdict : Rotten Tomatoes – 100%; Metacritic – 100%; IMDB – 8.1 out of 10.0
My Verdict : 4.0 out of 5.0

The Conformist (1970) Cast
The high-performing cast of The Conformist: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Dominique Sanda, Stefania Sandrelli.

You know your past is unusual, it is a regret;
You’re carrying a guilt, you’re hiding a secret.
You know your family has eccentricities
And you fear that you will inherit these oddities.

As you begin to question your past,
You begin to question your normality,
Then you begin to question your beliefs,
But you fail to question your morality.

The Conformist (1970) Overall Film Rating
The Conformist is undoubtedly a very well-directed film with good narrative.

You decide to play the social life;
You got married to a beautiful wife.
But you know that’s just a part of a normal life
And you continue to play with crime on the other side.

Why do you ask what is normal?
Is it because the majority defines what is natural?
The only thing you know is that you’re not part of the majority
And just to blend you have to disguise in conformity.

The Conformist (1970) Direction Movie Rating
The major actors, cinematography and production design are the most obvious reasons why this film is grade A.

This is a multi-layered movie;
It is sad and grim despite its beauty.
Somehow, it has an unusual story
About a man who lacks the feel of normality.

You got to see this motion picture,
It has an unpredictable plot with a rich structure.
Believe me, it has an amazing cinematography
That captures so much beauty and creativity.

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